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Here at Cats Island we strive to bring together all the latest news, videos and facts about cats. Along with some interesting and informative articles about our feline friends from around the world. Most of us love cute or funny pictures of cats so we will post as many of those as we find. Please feel free to send us your own cat pictures and videos to along with a few words about either your pet or where the images were captured.

You can help us to make Cats Island everyone’s favourite place to visit by adding your comments to the posts and pages that you find of particular interest. You are also most welcome to share any interesting or humorous stories about cats with us either through the comments section, via email or on our Facebook page. You can follow us on Facebook too and please add your “like” to our page if you rate Cats Island as a resource worth sharing with your friends.

What To Expect Here at Cats Island

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Along with all the fun stuff and cute pictures we also aim to promote awareness of the not so nice stuff that cats so often suffer at the hands of our fellow humans. We also believe that education and information are a key factors to improving the welfare of all animals on our planet so we make no excuses for promoting such virtues here. Please add us to your bookmarks and come back to visit us often because we are always adding new stuff to the site.



Cats Island and Advertising

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Please bear in mind that we have to pay for the upkeep of the Cats Island website somehow and to this end we have some advertising placements on the site. Like My New Book We cannot always control what shows up in theses ads and they may not always be conducive with our own views. Neither dose placement of any products or services in the form of these adds mean that we either condone or endorse them ourselves. Here at Cats Island it is our express wish that your visit is a pleasant and informative one so we don’t want it to come across as yet another website plastered with intrusive add banners. Rather, we hope that you find what you were actually looking for when you arrived here. If this wasn’t the case your comments and suggestions (of a constructive nature) are always welcome.

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